Santorini Greece, the spiritual home of Annie Sloan Greek Blue chalk paint

Santorini Greece A Magical Place

colors of greece

The Mediterranean has always been a place of colorful inspiration. Perhaps that’s why Annie drew so much of her color palette from that region. A few summers ago Lydia and her husband took a wonderful vacation to Greece. The colors of these chairs and tables in a bistro on the Island of Santorini inspired her, guess why!

Green Tables in Greece

When looking for a Mediterranean/Greek style keep these colors in mind:

Antibes green colorGreek Blue chalk paintemperor's silk chalk paintarles chalk paint

Antibes Green, Greek Blue, Emperor’s Silk, and Arles. Add Pure White as your neutral and you’ll be swept off to the Greek coastline in no time…

Need a little more inspiration, but can’t finagle a trip in Greece? Just feast your eyes on this photo.

santorini greece

xoxo Lydia

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