Fun and easy spring DIY ideas

It’s a balmy 30 degrees out today, and we even had some snow this morning, but we can’t help but turn our thought to spring this time of year. The crocuses are up and almost blooming, as are the daffodils and tulips. Can’t be long now, can it?

spring blooms

Even if the weather isn’t cooperating we can start getting ready for sunnier and warmer days. We found some really fun and unique DIY ideas to get you ready for the spring season. We might have to try a few of these ourselves! In depth instructions can be found by clicking on the project title.

#1 – Upcycled tray wall sconces

DIY wall sconces

This is a great way to bring a little of the outside inside. Whether it’s herbs or flowers you’ll be glad to have the greenery all year round. Or use fake flowers if you have the dreaded brown thumb. If silver isn’t your thing try painting the trays with Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in any color you like. You could even just stencil a design instead to help break up the amount of shiny silver.

#2 – Tire planters

DIY planter

We thought this was a really cute idea! Especially painting the tire a fun pop of color. Does Annie Sloan Chalk Paint work on rubber? You bet it does! Just give the tire a good scrubbing with soap and water first. This would be another great project to stencil on if you liked the matte blackness of the tire, but wanted to spiff it up a bit. Thinking this needs to go on the side of our garage…

#3 – Garden tool storage

DIY tool storage

We’re always looking for better storage solutions, and gardening tools seem to always end up scattered around without a clear home. Love the repurposing of the bifold door, you could also use shutters if doors are in short supply.

#4 – Muffin tin bird feeder

DIY bird feeder

Don’t forget your feathered friends this spring! You can find muffin tins just about anywhere, and you could even spray paint the tin with some outdoor Rustoleum to give it a pop of color.

Are you ready to get outside now? What do you think of these easy and fun DIY ideas?

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