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This week is all about Miss Mustard Seed.

Today I want to review how to get a chippy finish with MMS and make sure you’re invited to a special event at Maine Country HOme tomorrow.

Wax Resist

Wax resist is the easiest way to get a chippy and distressed finish on any piece with any paint.

  • Apply a base coast of milk paint in the desired color. This color will show under the chipping topcoat. Allow paint to dry to the touch.


  • Apply Beeswax finish with a brush or cloth to select areas on the piece of furniture. Remember that the paint will resist and chip wherever the beeswax is applied, so it is best to use it in areas where chipping and wear are most likely to occur on a piece of furniture. i.e., around the edge, feed hardware and around moving parts like drawers and handles.


Apply the wax


  • Apply the second coat of paint in contrasting or complementary color. The higher the contrast, the more dramatic the result will be.
  • To add to the old worn effect apply heat with a hair dryer to paint precisely where the beeswax was applied. Paint will chip if allowed to air dray also.
  • When the second coat is dry lightly sand the area where the chipping occurred. For a slightly chipped look use fine grit sandpaper. For a more worn look use coarser sandpaper.

  • Add the topcoat of your choice.

As is true with many products this example is using Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, however, the same principles apply to Chalk Paint as well. Wax resist is a wax resist and as of today oil and water still don’t mix.

xoxo Lydia

Some photo’s from Miss Mustard Seed – thank you Marion

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