The Hooligan Debacle | Maine Country Home

Or…Never Trust a Spring Day


This is what my chair looked like when I stopped for lunch.  Tuesday was a gorgeous sunny day.  I decided to celebrate by painting outside on the deck.  The first coat of Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint in Typewriter went on fabulously.  I was getting great coverage and no apparent chipping, just what I wanted.  I decided to let the paint dry while I took a break for lunch.  And it was such a nice day so I figured I’d take the children, a.k.a. the dogs, for a walk down the point.  Everyone’s running a having a helluva good time…and then we get back to the house.  I look down and Hooligan’s back paw is gushing blood.  “Dang,”  I think.  Lydia is in Portland for the day with Decoy, almost 2 hours away.  So I’m shouldering my cell phone, trying to wrangle Hooli and get the other 2 dogs inside…easier said than done!  When I finally got calm the conversation went something like this:

“Hey Lydia, was Hooligan having problems with her back leg?”


“Uh…cause she’s bleeding all over the deck.”

“Sigh…I’ll call the vet and let them know you’re on your way…”

I’m pretty sure she has every vet in the area on speed dial.  If one dog is sick another one usually gets “sympathy sick” relatively soon after.  Hooligan just decided it was her turn.  After innumerable attempts I wrestled a towel around her leg and got her into the car.  Trying to get that dog to stand still is like herding cats…


After some creative suturing here is Hooligan with her classy little boot.  She’s on the mend after slicing through two tendons…we’re pretty sure she just came down the wrong way on a large shell while running on the beach.  Six weeks of not being able to chase a tennis ball, not sure who’s going to need the strong drugs to get through this, her or Lydia.

So remember how it was a gorgeous sunny day?  And I thought painting outside was going to be a good idea?  And how cute the chair was turning out?


This is what it looked like when I got Hooligan back from the vet.  In all the rushing around trying to get her into the car I left three chairs outside on the deck to dry.  Which is why I say “Never Trust a Spring Day.”  Even if there are no clouds in the sky, a rainstorm will just decide to materialize because you have paint projects outside.

The story doesn’t end there.  I come back to put the second coat of paint on the chair the next day.  I want to lightly sand the water spots so they don’t bleed through the next coat of paint.  But the paint is sanding weird…it’s fraying.  I go to pick it off with my fingernail, AND PEEL THE ALL THE PAINT OFF THE SEAT.

DSCN5087 DSCN5088

You can see the peeled off flakes scattered around the chair.  Luckily, this strange phenomenon only happened where the chair got really wet from the rain.  The legs and the spokes came through unscathed.  So after much cursing, scraping, and sanding I had a surface I could paint…inside.  Sanded it outside, had enough common sense to bring the chair inside to paint it.


Essentially starting from scratch…


But man it looks good now!  I don’t usually like to paint things black, but this chair came out some wicked sharp!

So, the moral of this story is, don’t leave your furniture outside when you go to eat lunch!

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