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We all have at least one in our home. Maybe it’s near the entryway, or behind the couch, perhaps in the dining room. A large swath of blank wall that just needs something. We scoured the internet to find some suggestions for decorating your own large, blank, boring walls, because no one should have to live with spartan surroundings.

Tip #1: Old doors

Whether they’re propped up behind the couch, or mounted on the wall, doors can add texture and interest to a blank wall. Leave them alone, or use to hang artwork or photos. This is especially beneficial if you’re prone to moving things around frequently, or renting, and don’t want to be constantly filling holes in your walls. Bonus points for adding a pop of color with paint!

Tip #2: Branches

Branch Wall Decor

source unknown

modern living room design

source Transom

This is pretty easy wall decor. Take a hike out into the woods (make sure you’re not trespassing!) and gather a large branch or several small ones. Attach to desired wall. Also be sure your finds are clean, dry, and pest free.

Tip #3: Shutters

shutter decor

source Olive and Love (tutorial as well!)

Cover an entire wall, place horizontally or vertically, paint or leave natural, the choice is yours! Just like doors, shutters add texture to walls. Bonus points for finding older shutters with their original paint! See or other post about uses for shutters here.

Tip #4: Plates

decorating walls with plates

source mmmcrafts

This is not a new concept. I’m sure we’ve all seen countless pictures of ironstone or vintage plates on walls, yawn. But have you ever thought of positioning them on a curve like above? Or in a circle? Or in varying vertical lines? Grab some painter’s tape and sketch out a design!

Tip #5: Window frames

Window frames are a great way to add depth to a narrow room, it gives the illusion that the room is bigger than it is. Grab a few frames and space them out to mimic real windows, attach some fun fabric to the backs for a pop of color, paint them in an ombre palette, or leave all natural.

There’s lots of out-of-the-box creative ways to decorate and personalize your space. We hope you gleaned some inspiration from these ideas. I know I’m ready to tackle the big, boring space behind my couch now! Stay tuned for that reveal next week.

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