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A simple guide on how to decorate your home with trays.

decorating with trays

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We were inspired by this post on Buzzfeed this morning on using trays to declutter and organize your home. Let it be said that we’ll be using these ideas in our own home, let the search for cute trays to paint begin!

As the article mentions, trays are a great way to take all your clutter and make it look much, much more organized. Keys, wallet, sunglasses, all the things you put down when you get home are now contained in a stylish receptacle.

using trays to decorate

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Also great on a bedside table or dresser for catching jewelry, watches, or loose change. Trays just help keep the chaos contained instead of having all sorts of bits and bobs strewn all over surfaces. Trays like the ones below can be made easily with a little Annie Sloan Chalk Paint and Gilding Wax. In less than an hour and a half you’ll have a personalized tray to organize all your treasures. They’re so cute!

diy jeweltry trays

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Trays are also a great way to make changeable centerpieces for table tops, coffee tables, or mantels. These can change either with the season, or just when you want to change up your decor or add a pop of color. This idea is especially great if you don’t want to decorate your entire house for a holiday, or have a smaller space that you want to decorate in, i.e. a guest bath, hallway, or you just have a tiny livingroom. It’s a nice minimalist way of decorating that’s as changeable as you are. The same tray can be used all year round, or give it a bit of a spruce up with some Chalk Paint.

winter themed centerpiece

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Choosing the tray can be half the fun! For a more modern look grab a mirrored surface, or opt for a bright pop of color. More into country decor? Opt for a rough wooden tray, or paint, distress, and Dark Wax to give the tray a rustic look.

wood tray

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Whatever your style, there’s an easy way to incorporate a tray into your decor. Metal, glass, painted, wood, mirror…the possibilities are endless, and are so easy to change up when you want to refresh your home.

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