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Graphite is an absolutely lovely color. A dark, dark charcoal, it’s the perfect soft black in a world full of cold, impersonal, modern, shiny black tones.

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We do often get someone who wants a “truer” black. A black that’s more black. A black that will go with their modern aesthetic. It’s so easy, here’s what you’ll need:

annie sloan graphite chalk paint

Graphite Chalk Paint

– Annie Sloan Dark Wax

– A paintbrush

– A wax brush

Step 1 – Apply as many coats of Graphite as it takes to get total coverage. You want a solid coating of the color otherwise the under color will likely show through.

Step 2 – Once dry, brush on a thin coat of Dark Wax. Work in smallish sections, gently working the wax into any grooves and brush strokes. With a lint free cloth, or blue shop towel, remove the excess wax. This is what we mean by “blue shop towel”, they’re available at just about every hardware store. They have no lint so they’re excellent for when you’re waxing over dark colors.

blue shop towel

Standard waxing procedure here. You can add a second coat if you feel it’s necessary. Now I know what you’re thinking, “you’ve always told us we have to apply Clear Wax first with Chalk Paint!” And you’re right! This is the only exception to the waxing rule. See our FAQs about why you Clear Wax before Dark Wax always.

Step 3 – there is no step 3! You’re done! However, if you want a shinier finish you can go back the next day and give your piece a quick buff with a lint-free cloth, or blue shop towel.

Here you can see the different between Graphite with Clear Wax and Dark Wax.

how to make graphite more black

On the left we have plain Clear Wax, and on the right we have plain Dark Wax.

See, easy peasy!

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