I Love Shopping | Maine Country Home

I love shopping!  Always have and always will. And yep, I love a bargain.

One of my favorite shopping spots is Farrin Country Auction. The family is great, the auctions lively, and the furniture finds and decorative items unique and well priced.  Three weeks ago we found a fabulous 18th century rocking horse including a full hide to cover it with!

But the best part of the auctions is the discovery pre-auction. The pre-auction is a free-for-all with buyers crowding in, limited visibility, but great prices. I have made some funny mistakes, I once bought 14 chairs for $14 dollars and could not make one whole chair out of the lot. My husband was funny suggesting we needed kindling.  But…most of the time I come home with some GREAT BARGAINS.

Last Wednesday I found four great pieces and some more really fun tool boxes.

So for now the barn is full with new projects waiting for my attention.

Yep, I do love shopping.

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