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Chippy love with Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint

Chippyness, ok, I know that is not a real word but…In my first Milk Paint post I said I was going to live on the wild side and paint a dresser without the bonding agent. Marian has told everyone that the beauty of MMS Milk Paint will be its unpredictability and general chippy behavior. It really is a guessing game where the paint will or will not stick.

I decided to use an old dresser that is sitting in a spare bedroom in our guest house waiting for something.

I applied the first coat of Ironstone since I had decided I was going for the Maine Cottage look. As I was applying the first coat of paint I realized just what ratty shape this dresser was in. First, I had old shellac bleeding through and then I realized that the veneer was almost totally raised up and off the piece. If you look at the bottom drawer you can see the effect.

Mr. Maine Country Home was not here so I have to wait to fix that.

Believe, me I have found other dressers on the sidewalk that were in better shape. I think this is a case of the cobblers children etc.

However, this was supposed to be a test of chippyness, so I kept painting.

I applied the second coat and let the paint dry overnight. It was a beautiful chippy mess in the morning. I then lightly sanded the entire dresser with fine sand paper to get all of the loose paint off.

I used the Miss Mustard Seed Furniture Wax to seal it and it is ready to go.

The waxes from MMS actually smells like lotion. And the surface is had once dry and buffed.

Well it was a great test, now Mr. Maine Country Home has to fix it up for real!

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