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Indigo has been called the color that seduced the world. Pretty sexy huh? Well we have the Chalk Paint® version right here. Napoleonic Blue, the new Indigo!

Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint®

I live in Maine, and for Maine Indigo and Ironstone are the new blue jeans and a white blouse!


Pottery Barn has announced that the “go to” color for the early spring is Indigo. Oddly enough I was thinking about Indigo over Christmas when my daughter showed me this great quilts from Folk Fibers. 


This quilt captured my attention. I keep thinking, what can I do? Then I started reading the history of Indigo.

 Did you know?

“At many points in time, indigo was the most important dye in the world. The only natural dye that offers clear and fast natural blue, indigo has been used to color textiles and rugs in all parts of the world. The word indigo is derived from Greek and means from India. And the Greeks thought it was a more important color than Lydian Purple.” (I need to look up what Lydian Purple is) So enough of the history, there have even been many books written about indigo, The best is Indigo in search of the color that seduced the world. by Catherine McKinley.

 Indigo style board

To get a design project going I decided to draw up a design board to organize my thoughts.  Or check out our new board on Pinterest

 Next step, grab some Napoleonic Blue and paint! That’s my plan for the day!

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