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The story of The Maine Country Home actually starts like this.

She wanted land in the country for the Labradors – notice the plural there – and he wanted deep water. Where we live,10 acres deep in midcoast Maine, is the compromise 🙂

I said Labradors plural, because we have five, count them one, two, three, four, five. We have an all black, lovable, funny personality-filled dog pack.

First came Miss Ivy, the mother of the kids, and the gentlest dog in the world. She loves to hunt and of course chase the tennis ball. As a bonus she sails too.


Then came Pongo Wai Kuri (“black water dog” in Maori) He is a goof ball who loves to hunt ducks. He doesn’t walk next to you, rather he bounces up and down like a pogo stick with a look that says “I’m Kuri, I’m happy.”  He is a chow hound with extra large paws that don’t quite fit his size, and that even at 10 still flail around like a puppy.


All of our dogs are trained to be field trial dogs. They hunt and retrieve ducks and pheasants. I was at a field trial one day when this lovable, very large, dog – Decoy – came up to me and said he needed a new owner. Decoy is a very large, very handsome dog. He walks and runs like a man on a mission.


I always marvel how different Decoy and Kuri’s mannerisms are.

In the fullness of time Decoy joined the family as the big guy. And again in the fullness of time Decoy and Ivy had puppies. Well, Decoy helped and Ivy had nine puppies.


Despite what Mr. MCH thought I was always going to keep one, that one was Hooligan. But when we got down to the last two puppies, one planned owner had to skip taking a puppy. Mr. MCH said, “that’s ok we can keep Ragamuffin, for a couple of weeks, she will keep Hooli company”

Right…. a couple of weeks? The dog already had a name.


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