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Meet the newest finishing product from Miss Mustard Seed:


Miss mustard seed tough coat

And yes, the name implies everything. We’ve been testing this product out on a couple different pieces to see how it handles. Hoo-boy, you’re gonna like this one!

First of all, this is the first topcoat we’ve used that is non-yellowing on light colors. You heard me right, non-yellowing!! I thought you’d like that, I know I was blown away!

This topcoat is water based, which means easy cleanup, which means you don’t have to throw away your brushes or use, *shudder*, cheap brushes to apply it. I do suggest using a mild soap when washing this out of your brushes, but if you find your brush a little stiff the next day just wash it again. Water based! It’ll come right out in the next scrubbing.

Another bonus, it’s odorless! I used this in our studio and never needed to crack a window. So this is perfect for those with sensitive olfactories.

Mixing chalk paint

We coated this adorable little table in Tough Coat, so easy!

Coverage…this product is pretty thin, so beware of drips. But a little goes a long way. If you end up missing a spot don’t worry, you’ll get it on the second coat.

Just like the name says, this is tough. You just need 2 coats (2 hours between coats) and it dries to a nice durable finish. After letting it dry overnight I came back and gave it the fingernail test, it didn’t even dent! I would suggest letting it dry a good 12 hours before setting anything on it just so you don’t get indents. And if you’re putting this over a newly painted surface, you’ll need to let that paint dry for 12-24 hours before applying. The paint needs to fully dry, it won’t be able to dry through the topcoat.

It does have a glossier finish than any of the waxes, I would say it’s more of a satin than matte or eggshell, which is what you get with wax.

topcoats over chalk paint

Don’t forget, this is a water-resistant finish, not water proof. Don’t leave sweating drinks on it for hours, or leaky plant pots. Treat this surface the same way you’d treat any painted surface. Clean with a mild soap and water, nothing too caustic or abrasive.

farmhouse furniture

So rejoice! Use this on your kitchen tables, end tables, chairs, or any other high-traffic areas with confidence! We have this amazing product in stock now, so what will you use Tough Coat on?

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