Even when they are all grown up!

Not that long ago I took a dealer class for Annie Sloan Chalk Paint. As part of that class we worked on crackle techniques and used the two-step Craqueleur product.

Sample boards from class

I came home with some great samples and was happily showing them off to my family, when top gal Joan said “didn’t you give yourself lead poisoning once trying to get rid of molding that looked like that!” Ouch!

Crack Finish

She is right of course what now seems long ago and in a place far away, I was determined to get all that shabby chic chips out of my house.

Of course that leads on to ponder that styles come and go. What we wanted back then is now different. And this will always be the case, in house decoration, and of course fashion.

The beauty of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint® is that is works for any style you want. In our intro classes we will teach you how to do everything from rustic, to smooth and modern, even crackle.  While one style may not fit all, we do have a paint to fit all styles.Rustic Finish

And now a days when I change my mind, I am working with low VOC paint, so I can’t repeat my past mistakes and give myself led poisoning again! Yes there is a lesson there.

Life on the coast of Maine

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