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I love turning ugly lamps into beautiful ones.

We all know the transformative powers of Annie Sloan Chalk Paint© by now, so I won’t bore you with the details…yes it sticks to anything and everything, no prep work…let’s move onto the fun part!

I bought these lamps last summer at one of the many yard sales I went to up here in Maine.  Jefferson I believe?  Not important.


They fit criteria #1, they worked, no rewiring needed!  My husband was thrilled.  They also fit criteria #2, they were god awful hideous and had surface damage.  Score!  I joke that I rarely buy anything that doesn’t need work, whether I know it or not.  I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gotten something home that I thought was perfect only to find out that a drawer was on its last pull, or a leg was rotting off…gotta love junking!

The things these lamps had going for them:

– They’re a matching pair.  Matching lamps are hard to find, especially ones that are intact.  These two had their original finials (the piece that holds the shade on), and weren’t broken, cracked, missing pieces, or structurally compromised.

– They’re huge!  They really make a statement, I think they stand over three feet tall.  They’d go great in a large living room, or on a long sideboard.

– I could paint them.  Yay!


I think I’m going to paint them Graphite, and leave them the glorious matte Chalk Paint© finish we’ve all come to love.  I’m hunting for shades tomorrow, probably going to paint them too!  But I’m feeling a black & white vibe with these, very 60s.

I wish I had an after picture for you, but these sold before I could snap one! What color and finish would you picked for these statement lamps?

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