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Last Cruise of The Year

Chris and I  took our friends out yesterday for our annual fall cruise. The air is crisp, and  tourist are replaced by locals. Every little town seems to have a harvest festival. While the light is softer and fewer boats are in the water, a fall trip up the rivers of the Midcoast always delights. Everything seems a little more relaxed.

As we cruised I took a few snaps of fun houses and docks. Places that tantalize and lead your imagination as to what might be inside. The glass boathouse is one of my favorites.


Imagine waking up here.


 Or, this interesting home built over a break in the rocks in the rocks. Imagine the roar of the sea in a storm. Good thing it is protected.


Our last stop was Allen Island to pick up a mooring and have lunch. Allen is owned by the Wyeth family and no landing is allowed.

Finally one last snap of this great federal home on another island near our home. The home was moved here on a barge and reassembled by very talented artist.

DSC_7672 copy

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