Let the voting begin! Aubusson Blue vs. Coco | Maine Country Home

Here it is! Day one of our ultimate Annie Sloan Chalk Paint showdown. We’re asking you to choose your favorite Chalk Paint color in a daily head-to-head battle between hues. 32 colors go in, but only one can be crowned crowd favorite!

Today we have Aubusson Blue and Coco battling it out for the first spot in our bracket.

aubusson blue chalk paint

painted secretary desks

 coco chalk paint Coco and Emperor's Silk chalk paint

Vote on your favorite by commenting on this post, then head over to Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, or our store to cast another vote. Extra points given if you share a photo of something you’ve painted in either color!

You have until midnight tonight to let your voice be heard, and we’ll announce the winner tomorrow. Get ready for tomorrow’s vote too, Henrietta vs. Duck Egg!

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