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We’ve thrown this phrase out before, “luxe for less.” It’s and idea that’s really caught on in the last decade, and will really resonate with all of you DIYers. It’s the idea that you can recreate, or “hack”, a luxury look yourself for much, much, less than you would pay in a store. Luxe style is glass, shiny, clean lines, warm and cool living in harmony, metallic, accented bright colors, the feeling of wealth and luxury. Remember the Pottery Barn inspirations? The linen dresser and stenciled pillow? Let me refresh you…

pottery barn dresser stencil chalk paint on fabric

chalk paint graphite dresser stenciling on fabric with chalk paint

Or this shiny low-boy inspired from another page of a Pottery Barn catalog…

modern mirror furniture foiling furniture

I cringe to think about what those pieces cost retail (we’ve long since lost the original catalog). But you can only imagine!

We live in a DIY renaissance. There isn’t a look or technique that can’t be duplicated, the tools and materials are out there waiting. It’s never been easier to make your home look luxurious, without paying astronomical prices. With the pieces above we took existing furniture, a yard sale find, and high quality linen to create three very unique, very ooh-la-la, items.

It’s not just your furniture, it’s also about the decor and accessories. It’s amazing what gold or silver can do to add oomph to your style. Do you have mismatched brass/ceramic/glass lamps? Just add foil, leaf, or gilding wax to create a coordinated Hollywood look. How about that odd ceramic elephant that your great aunt Gladys gave you after her trip to Africa? It could use a glam makeover too! Never underestimate the power of metallics, they can make even the most tacky tchotchke glamorous.

We’re here to tell you that the idea that you need to pay out the nose for good style is no longer applicable! So grab a catalog and start dreaming!

Here’s a list of what you’ll need to recreate the pieces we made above:

  • Furniture to transform
  • Linen, or your choice of fabric for the drawer fronts
  • Linen or cotton fabric for the pillow
  • Graphite Chalk Paint® for the body of the dresser, and Annie Sloan Clear Soft Wax as your topcoat
  • A medium – large sized stencil for the pillow
  • Barcelona Orange Chalk Paint, or your favorite Chalk Paint color to stencil on the pillow
  • Bright silver foil to create the shiny look (available in store)
  • Size to apply the foil with
  • We dry brushed Graphite over the silver foil to give it a duller, aged appearance, but you could leave it bright and shiny instead

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