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Entrepreneur – Luxury DIY’er

I’m Lydia, a restorationista who started Maine Country Home as a place to share decorating inspiration, great buys, and DIY projects for turning every house into a stylish, elegant country home.

 How Maine Country Home came to be… 

I’ve had a passion for repurposing and restoring for decades. But as life seems to do, there have been a few twists and turns in the road. My left brain is schooled in science – in college I majored in coastal geology and geophysics. My right brain however, has always had a love for house, country living and sailing.

Sunny Side

I started my renovation, restoration adventures in New England when I bought my first fixer-upper. From a tiny house in Marblehead, I went on in the 1980‘s to repurpose larger houses. I bought a large house in Newport and turned it into condominiums. I did what I’ve always done when I’m don’t know how to do something – I read and researched and studied. I devoured design magazines and books and figured out how to do stuff.  Then the eighties were over, and I had the opportunity to work in the sailing industry, specifically the America’s Cup. Wow… what a ride.

Young America

Yet it seems like every 10 years or so things change. Things really changed when early in the millennium when I was diagnosed with breast cancer in the middle of a divorce. That was the research project of my life, which to read first a medical journal or a law-book? In the fullness of time all things come right, I am now very healthy, happily married with kids and grand kids, and live on 10 acres in the country on the coast of Maine.


Six years ago we bought land and designed our barn. Along the way I figured out is this – you don’t have to be born with a talent to have a beautiful home!  If you seek inspiration from designers and people whose style you admire, if you are willing to dive in and get your hands dirty, and are ok with making a few mistakes along the way (I’ve made many…) you can do anything.

It was with this realization that we started Maine Country Home. With every decorating and remodeling project that I embark upon, I have gathered loads of information and inspiration to help guide me along the way and have learned even more through my own successes and mistakes. Maine Country Home is a place, a store, a blog, and a way of life.

 A bit about myself…

When I don’t have a paintbrush in hand, I am either working on or around our home in Maine, working with our three Labradors, or off sailing.   My husband is also a fixer-upper which comes in very handy! When not working on boats, he’s in the basement, now called the sail loft. Sometimes he even cranks up the sewing machines for me.


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