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There is nothing more comfy than to cuddle up in front of a nice fire with a warm blanket. Maybe adding a cup of coffee or hot cocoa. In our busy lives it is taking the time to relax and enjoy that gives us the most pleasure.

This year as I was out and about I found the perfect blanket.

Introducing the Maine Blanket

This 100% wool blanket is the perfect size for so many uses, you may want more than one! The wool is grown and dyed at Nanne Kennedy’s Medowcroft Farm in Washington Maine. She has the most yummy color palette, appropriately called sea colors. The blanket is woven on antique looms in New England. And the best part it is locally grown wool, locally made, and totally eco friendly.


On a recent visit to Medowcroft Farm I was fascinated by the dying process. Here is how Nan describes it.


Sea-colors Wool is washed in soap, not detergent.

In order to fix a dye in a protein fiber it needs a catalyst of acid, salt, and heat to help it “bite” the wool and create a chemical bond.

Instead of using chemical salts or acids, or petroleum sourced heat, I developed a system using natural sea salts and acids, and solar derived heat, that adds neither a chemical itch, nor a boiled wool feel, trading time for temperature, and slowly  “melting” the colors into the yarns.

When you see and feel this blanket you will understand. It is soft with a lovely color that looks think vintage furniture. Just a perfect country blanket for someone special.


We have many of these colors in limited quantity at The Maine Country Store.

If you’re in the area stop by and see our collection or shop online.

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