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With St. Patrick’s Day everything is green.  Except the snow outside our windows. So it is fitting that today were looking at Antibes Green Chalk Paint®. Antibes Green gets its name from the South coast of France, you see it everywhere! It is a vibrant green that goes well with many other colors.


In fact, many of Annie Sloan’s colors are really quite vibrant, you could call it a full-bodied palette, like a glass of good French wine.  What makes them special is that they were carefully and methodically chosen.
This is where style comes into play. Antibes Green is not just a bright green named for the South of France, it IS the South of France! But it does not stop at this Provincial style.
Antibes can be Boho Chic,

Chalk Painted circles

it can be Neo-Classical, (below)


it can be Coastal.

antibes green

Annie made her colors mixable, you can lighten them, and make thousands of new colors just by mixing two together. The internet is buzzing with recipes on how to match Benjamin Moore wall colors, or the stripe in a favorite fabric. There are endless possibilities to mix to get even more colors for your style, and here’s a little tutorial to help you on your way…
Enter Tints Tones and Shades, or Simple Color Mixing.
A tint is when you mix a color with white. This could be Pure White, Old White, or even Cream. Tints are great for when you want to lighten a color, like when you’re using it as an accent. You could use the original color as an accent and the tinted color as the primary, or perhaps a complementary color instead if vibrant hues are not the style you’re looking for.
In the case of tints you can mix with Old White. This gives you a lighter color with a warm hue because Old White has color in it.
and or Pure White to get the colors below. This gives you a brighter hue of the original color because white has to other color.

A tone is when you mix a color with grey. Tones are fabulous for subtle contrasts or for the ombre look. Antibes is shown here mixed with Paris Grey.


Finally, shades. A shade is when you mix a color with black, in our case Graphite. (We promised no 50 Shades comments!)
When mixing with Graphite it should be used very, very sparingly. Every color does not need to be mixed with black. Most often mixing with black muddies the colors making them less vibrant and more blah.
From a color wheel perspective black is a mixture of red, blue and yellow, the primary colors on the color wheel. So adding black is like adding a little bit of everything. If what you want is a completely different color from what you’re starting with, in our case Antibes Green, there are other mixes to use that will still be vibrant and stylish. We found ourselves less than smitten with most shades we mixed up.
Of all the Tints. Tones. and Shades, which one will you sham-rock this St. Patrick’s Day? (we said no 50 Shades jokes, not no bad puns!)

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