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Building a home gives you a chance to design every part of your home the way you want it to be. While we picked a standard plan there were some modifications needed and one of them was the location of the master bath.

The original plan had the master bath with a view along the back of the house. Of course on a waterfront home, you have two presentation sides to the house, one on the front or entry and one on the water.  To my way of thinking, I did not want to waste the best views in the house on a bathroom. So we go together with Mark Lorraine our builder and came up with a plan to move it.

Sea Glass Wreath

Sea Glass Wreath From the Island Institute Rockland, Maine

What does this have to do with Sea Glass, you might ask?

I have special design boards for each room and area in the new house. Starting with small with a few ideas these boards will develop into a fully design plan including floor plan and specification for everything that we can use to create each room.

In the case of our master bathroom, the vision or design board started with sea glass.

Inspiration For The Master Bath Shower

From Maine Home and Design Magazine

I had seen this great sea glass wreath at the Island Institute and I fell in love with it. The colors just stayed with me. The next inspiration was a sea glass colored shower.

These two images are the beginning of a design board that will eventually become a sauna spa style mater bath, that can be a relaxing, sensual space.

I am going to add double bathroom sinks in a double cupboard, hand painted in Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint in a light color and a tall cupboard or armoire for towel storage.

The initial design board is also up on Pinterest. I will still need to finalize colors for walls and doors as well as finalize the floor plan. From there we just have to execute to perfection.

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