Master Bedroom Makeover - Maine Country Home

Last week all my efforts went into my home. Despite the fact that house cleaning was the major project, it was a lot of fun to fuss with accessories, repurposing special gifts for a simple elegant effect.

The one project that has been on my list stared as the small makeover of our master bedroom. I was really just going to rearrange the furniture, yet, one corner was a little dark and heavy, and needed a little TLC.

For 30 years I have carted heavy mahogany furniture around from house to house. They were mostly bargain finds, some as far back as college. Originally they all had loving places in several period colonial homes. However, most of this furniture had long ago been relegated to guest rooms because at one point I had an 8 bedroom home.

Times change, and today we live in an open floor plan space with great light. Last year I painted this room green since it always feels to me like this space is up in the trees like a bird house.

Master Bedroom Before

This makeover started as simply moving around the side tables. Originally there were two larger round tables used as side tables. The antique vintners table on the right was moved into the living room and the other table (not really a table at all, just a glass top on board) to the other side of the bed. A smaller auction find table already painted in French Linen and Old White Chalk Paint®.

Projects have a way of growing. Once I saw the little side table I knew I just had to paint the dresser to match. My girlfriend Penny and I had it done in no time at all. We painted this chest in two coats of French Linen Chalk Paint® Decorative Paint. To finish off the chest we added a light wash over the top, then Annie Sloan Clear Wax.

Mahogany Dresser Repainted

Distressing Furniture

I think the effect of the lighter furniture with just a little more space turned out delightful. It reminds me of beach sand and sea foam.

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