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No, we’re not blasting Slayer in the studio (not today anyway!). We’re talking about a different type of metal…

gilding wax

These little cuties are Gilding Waxes, and they add a metallic shine to your life. Use to add a little shimmer and glamour to anything. Think gold leaf and/or foil, without the work!

The applications are nearly endless:

  • Highlight the intricate carvings on a piece of furniture
  • Update an old brass lamp to more current metallic platinum
  • Stencil mirrors with pretty quotes
  • Add that much needed touch of glam to your old cowboy boots
  • Ritz up your faded costume jewelry

gold gilding wax

Here we’ve highlighted the raised surfaces of our Efex™ trims, T33 and T50, with Classic Gold.

The waxes can be mixed, making all sorts of metallic shades are possible. A favorite is Silver mixed with Empire or Brass to make gorgeous platinum. Try layering the colors light to dark to create a rich, patina, aged-look. For a more modern look, add a small amount of mineral sprits to make a sheer liquid wax and cover the entire piece. Bold metallic stripes can turn a dated mid-century piece into a timeless design.

french gilding waxes


The wide mouth 30ml pots make it easy to apply with just your finger, or you can use a small artist brush, but we like to get messy! Using your finger lets you feel how much you’re applying, and you can get a better gauge of how heavy or light your application is.

Apply as the finishing touch to your masterpieces, like icing on a cake! Will go over wood, painted, and waxed surfaces, and so much more! The gilding wax will cure over time, so be gentle with it for the first few weeks after application.

Did you add too much wax to an area? Never fear! We don’t carry products that are hard to work with or fussy, so let me tell you the easy solution: take a little Annie Sloan Clear Wax on a cloth and wipe off the area where you went overboard. This is the same trick you’d use if you put too much Dark Wax on your piece.

Each pot will last through countless projects making it an inexpensive way to achieve a very expensive, sumptuous look.

gilding wax over wood

The legs of this tiny table are now updated with King’s Gold Gilding Wax. I’m sure you’ve seen this all over Pinterest, now you can do it easily! No more Pinterest Fails for you!

We’re planning lots of projects to utilize these shiny gems, so stay tuned for more to come!

If you’d like to purchase any of the 9 colors we have all of them in stock in our online store, and our shop in Rockland.

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