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Scandinavian style, meet Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint. I have a new pile of barn yard finds in my barn, and this chest jumped out and said, “make me Scandinavian style”. The barn and all the new finds are a story for another day, today meet our Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint French Enamel chest.


This chest is a very nice antique dovetail chest, old brass hinges and hardware, no big damage, just a little blah. Remember I was dreaming Scandinavian here. I  wanted a very old looking painted finish.


We are know that MMS Milk Paint without Bonding Agent is a walk on the wild side. So, without a by your leave, I mixed up two cups of French Enamel, one cup of paint to one cup of water. The color is just lovely, and once it was mixed in a magic bullet, I started painting. I only used one coat of paint on this  project as seen below.

One Coast of Paint

I had wiped the chest down with a damp cloth, but nothing else. The chest was old, and the past finish dried out without much shine. If it had been shinny, I would have wiped it down with mineral spirits and/or sanded it.

The trick to this finish is two-fold.
brass hardwarewithwatermark

First and foremost, you want a surface that the Milk Paint will adhere to without the Bonding Agent.

Second, you must paint it with the grain. I even used a small brush to fill in on the brass trim, with the grain. Did I mention paint with the grain! No cheating and then brushing over, every stroke with the grain.

If the paint starts to flake off, like the full on chippy look, then stop and add the tiny tiny bit of Bonding Agent or give it a quick sand. You’re going for more a grain painted look instead of the shabby chic look.


The last step is to sand, with the grain, with 220 grit sand paper.


Finally, I waxed the entire chest with Furniture Wax.

I think this one achieved the aged look that I envisioned I hope you all agree.

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