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Sometimes a project takes longer than you plan. In fact, they almost all take longer than I plan. These chairs were like that!

Milk Paint Ironstone Chairs

After several months, I decided that these sweet chairs should be a Milk Paint project.

They were falling apart and needed repairs. They were dark and drab and they did not have any caning left in the seats. The seats were covered with a funky old material. To tell you how bad they were when I bought them, Mr. Maine Country Home, declared they were “kindling”. Ouch! (He fixed them up and made them sturdy anyway!)

Victorian Chairs Before

First I had to wait for the paint, and then I needed inspiration. I finally found that inspiration from guess who. Miss Mustard Seed herself, in her new book.

Set of Victorian Chairs

As soon as I finished reading the book I had a plan! The fact that these chairs had taken up residence in the barn in the time it took me to figure this one out wasn’t important.

I painted these chairs in MMS Milk Paint Ironstone without Bonding Agent and hoped for chipping. We then made seat for them.

The seats are covered with a drop cloth painted with red stripes. Drop cloth fabric has a similar texture and feel to vintage grain sacks, and I thought this would the perfect opportunity to make a cheap version of a grain sack pillow cover.

 I used blue painter’s tape to mark my lines, and then carefully painted down the length of the fabric.  When I was finished, I removed the tape and VOILA! Knock-off vintage grain sack pillow cover.

milk paint on fabric

Finally, I screwed the seats in thru the old caning holes, so if some one wanted to cane them later they only need to take out the screws.

I was going for the chippy look and I got it! Finally they are done and the chairs are ready to move on to a new home! Yippee!

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