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I have been haunting the post office looking for my introductory kit of Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. Yahoo…it’s here! I was so excited I stopped everything else I was doing to test paint a dresser I had been saving for this very occasion.

Marian’s colors are beautiful and I found the paint easy to work with. I did not really prep this dresser, just cleaned off the dirt and dust with a sponge. Then I mixed the paint using a Magic Bullet blender.  I started with the first coat using the Bonding Agent. The second coat was without the Bonding Agent. Both coats dried very quickly. This paint is easy to work with, and a little thinner than other paints I am used to, it went on like a charm.

The color is just yummy, and the name Tricycle, is perfect, It make me smile when ever I say it or type it!

We decided not to distress this dresser, and because we used the Bonding Agent it did not self chip at all. I can’t wait to do more pieces, next time I will live on the edge and skip the Bonding Agent on the first coat!

Finally, the wax was super easy to apply with a clean soft cloth. It dried quickly and I buffed within 30 minutes.

The knobs are in the same red for now, but they will be changing. If you have not seen the hardware from Vintage Skye. you need to look at them now. She has the cutest things, I just love them.
I will have another update on the Milk Paint colors this week, stay tuned.

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