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Now is the time to try Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint. It comes as a powder. to  make paint just add water. Don’t be  overwhelmed at having to mix the paint. Like the commercial says try it you’ll like it.

Lets get started mixing the paint with some great videos by Abbe Doll from All Dolled Up in Kansas. If you have not seen her work in  you need to take a look, she is a milk paint diva!

Back to mixing… what you need to get started.

1. Milk paint

milk paint sample

2. Clear cup or mason jar (my preference) so when you have left over paint you can just store it in the jar.

3. A whisk or milk frother. We have just the cutest mixer for you.


When painting with milk paint you want  a nice consistent color sooo… you have to mix the paint completely. Milk Paint power has pigments and in order to get the color you need to completely mix and dissolve all the pigments. We are looking for a nice creamy mix a pancake batter like consistency.

  • The easiest method is just screw on the lid of the jar and shake for a couple of minutes. Our milk paint educator Abbe Doll has a great video on this method.
  • The mixer method is very fun, but… please remember you are mixing paint not a latte 🙂  To use the mixer put it into the bottom of the jar or cup with your paint and water. Press down slightly and then turn on the mixer rather than just letting it spin away, just lift up and press down so you are pouncing on the bottom of the jar.   Again, Abbe has a great video for this. Remember, you don’t want to have to much froth on the top, as the air bubbles will get into paint when applying. To get rid of the bubbles you can let the paint rest while you get your piece ready or you can skim it off the top.
  • My favorite method is to use a little whisk. Just add the water, then the paint to your jar and whisk away. Make certain you scrape all the good bits of powder off the side so you have a full color blend and a smooth consistent color of paint in you jar. Again to the video.

Your paint should just slowly drip off your brush, not run quickly to thin, but also not be so thick that it does not flow at all.  If your paint is to thin just add a little powder If your paint seems to think add a little more water and keep mixing.

Use a test board and apply. Your first coat should be a nice consistent color throughout, and basically you can’t see though the paint to the next layer.

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