Mixing Chalk Paint with Soft Wax - Part 1 | Maine Country Home

All you need for this experiment is three simple ingredients.

I love to do new techniques and ideas.  Most of the time I just plunge into the idea, kinda roll with it and see where it goes. Using Primer Red Chalk Paint® to color Soft Clear Wax is one of those ideas. In the process I learned some fun tips to share with you.

We have a large cupboard that has had a longer than usual residence in the barn. It’s a fun country piece with big glass doors and bead board backing, but it took me a while to decide what colors to use. Necessity is the mother of invention, because we were running low on Old White I decided on Cream for the exterior and Primer Red interior which will show through the glass.


 These two colors of really do say “Fall in New England” to me.

We often use soft wax colored with white pigment to get a white washed effect, but for this cupboard I had this idea of a hint of red stuck in my mind.

For the colored wax recipe, mix three table spoons of clear soft wax with one large table spoon of Primer Red Chalk Paint® in a plastic storage container. Whip up the wax and making certain the color is fully blended in. Remember, you are trying to color the wax. Don’t be afraid to use enough paint and mix mix mix.

Then take your wax brush and start waxing. As with any soft wax job, brush on and wipe off.

waxon2We teach this and other waxing techniques in our workshops also. Because I wanted the color to adhere to the paint, I actually brushed the wax in more than normal. Don’t use more wax, just brush harder. And remember to then wipe off the excess.


You can all see the final cupboard with Part 2.

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