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We’ve hooked our business neighbors, KDK Printing & Embroidery, on our paints! Trina has been churning out projects left and right, and she’s doing really cool stuff!

These raw-wood lockers were the perfect candidate for Milk Paint. Unfinished wood soaks up the Milk Paint and makes a really solid bond.

raw wood lockers

She was painting these for her kids to put all their stuff, backpacks, coats, boots…instead of having them explode all over the house. Which anyone who has kids or a spouse can appreciate! I need one of these for my husband…

Her son’s locker is painted in Flow Blue Milk Paint. Here’s the first coat:

flow blue milk paint

We did a custom color for her daughter’s by mixing Ironstone and Tricycle. I couldn’t tell you the ratio because we were having a fun time playing around with the mixer. Maybe 50/50? Not sure! We picked Ironstone as opposed to Linen to keep the pink bright.

milk paint custom color pink

She also opted to have the wood grain show through for a more rustic look. We achieved this by mixing in more water and less pigment.

What will Trina paint next? Stop back and see!

For Milk Paint tutorials and info visit this page.

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