What do you think of these new colors? Green, brown, and orange

New colors from Annie Sloan and Miss Mustard Seed

We’ve been fortunate this year in our color choices. Annie Sloan released three new Chalk Paint colors this year and two new colored waxes. Miss Mustard Seed released two new colors and both are amazing. I bet you’re dying to see them! Let’s jump right in, shall we?

First off, let’s take a look at the new products from Annie Sloan that came out this year:

Black and White Waxes

black waxAnnie Sloan White Wax

Whether you’re going for an ultra-rustic or white washed look, these new waxes have you covered. No pun intended!


giverny closeup

The first of the new colors released this year. Giverny is a bright, cheery, clean, cool blue in the Annie Sloan palette. It is near the greener range of blues, without any red in it. It is a perfect color for a modern contemporary palette, and looks great with bright, warm colors (such as Barcelona Orange and Scandinavian Pink) and cool neutrals (such as Paloma) as well as greens from the Annie Sloan range. Giverny is named after the village in Northern France where Claude Monet lived and this brilliant blue was especially popular in early 20th Century interiors.

Amsterdam Green

amsterdam green painted table

This strong, deep green takes inspiration from the painted shutters and doors of Amsterdam. It works particularly well with whites and creams and botanical imagery and plants, as well as looking brilliant with earthy yellows and reds – try teaming it with Primer Red, Arles, or Old Ochre. It’s also makes a great backdrop to cool blues, such as Provence, Giverny, and the purple tones of Emile.


Named after the harbour town in Normandy, Honfleur is a color inspired by the rich warm browns found in the rustic French countryside as well as in Mid-century Modern design. This rich brown is just what you need to work with bright colors: it looks great next to Scandinavian Pink, Barcelona Orange, Giverny, Provence, Greek Blue, and Antibes Green. It can also look elegant and classical when paired with pastel Louis Blue or pretty Antoinette.

Now that we’ve seen the newness from Annie Sloan, let’s turn our attention to Miss Mustard Seed.

Farmhouse White

milk paint farmhouse white

Farmhouse White Milk Paint perfectly captures the feel of a classic farmhouse with white-painted wood siding nestled in a bucolic valley. Farmhouse White really is the perfect white, not too cool, not too warm, and covers better than the other white in the line (Ironstone and Linen).

Outback Petticoat

outback petticoat milk paint

The color was created with the Australian and New Zealand retailers. Marian (Miss Mustard Seed) felt that an orange would be a great color to feature in the line. It is named after the orange outback soil that would stain the hem of white petticoats of early settler women. Great imagery, isn’t it?

It’s an intense orange, but not too bright. This beautiful color gives lots of options for mixing and waxing. Deepen with Antiquing Wax, or soften with White Wax. This color would look great chipping off of a dark stained wood.

What do you think of the new colors and waxes? We can’t wait to start painting with these new hues!

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