New French Chair, in Annie Sloan Fabric - Maine Country Home

Sometimes you just have to try something different. My friend Jamie from Ravenwood Furniture who is our go to upholstery man at the Antique Exchange has been working on a whole bunch of projects, several of them for me. When we received the Annie Sloan fabric I decided that I need a new chair. Not re-purposed, brand new.

Jamie has a lovely line of wooden chairs and I picked a one with what I call a modern French look. Yes, we have a little French theme going on here! See the inspiration post on French seaside style.

Annie Sloan Fabric

I just love how this came out! Look at the perfectly matched stripes. For now it is for sale at The Maine Country Home, check out the book room at the Antique Exchange for a test drive, sit down relax and find a book. Gardening season is coming soon.

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