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It’s been a little while since we’ve introduced a new product from the Miss Mustard Seed line, but like the old adage says, good things come to those who wait! We have two new products that we think you’re going to love.


Natural Brush Soap & Odorless Solvent

I know, neither one sounds astounding, but hang on! There’s more to these products than just soap and solvent.

Let me start with the Odorless Solvent. More than just a quick way to clean your wax brushes…grab this when you want to dilute the Hemp Oil or Tung Oil.  Why dilute? It makes them easier to apply, and helps them dry faster. Not bad, right? Now onto its brush cleaning capabilities…

I’m bad when it comes to cleaning my wax brushes, I’ll admit it. But now it’s so much easier to clean stubborn wax off my brushes, so no more excuses! I left my two Annie Sloan wax brushes out last night after our class. I was so beat from the long day I said I’d clean them in the morning. They were understandably a little crusty. The other brush has been sitting for who knows how long. It’s a brush we don’t carry anymore, so it has joined our bucket of brushes, and was forgotten. Oops! Behold, the power of the solvent!


I left the odd wax brush in the liquid while I went to chat with a customer, and when I came back no more than 5 minutes later the wax had fully dissolved! Like magic! I love a product that does the hard work for me.


So now I had brushes that needed cleaning, here comes the Natural Brush Soap! This soap not only cleans brushes beautifully, but it conditions them as well. This is especially important if you’re using natural bristle brushes (both the MMS and Annie Sloan brushes are) because the bristles can become dry and brittle without conditioning. With this soap you’re cleaning and conditioning in one step, as I like to say, why work harder when you don’t have to? I did give the brushes a quick rinse, just to get the excess solvent out of them before washing.

Almost clean!

Don’t expect a lot of suds with this soap, but the cleaning power is certainly there.

DSCN5310 DSCN5311

Now my wax brushes are squeaky clean, and ready for more projects!


Thanks to the Miss Mustard Seed team for continuing to put out such amazing products!

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