Stencil designs from Miss Mustard Seed - hand painted details

New stencil designs

We’re getting new things left and right! And we couldn’t be more excited about these new stencils from Miss Mustard Seed. They’re taken from all the beautiful hand painted details she’s known for adding to her painted furniture.

mustard seed yellow milk paint

milk paint black

Absolutely stunning. But who has the time, or the inclination, to steadily hand paint all those designs? We don’t! So Miss Mustard Seed made it so much easier for us. Say it with me, “Thanks Marian!” Now we can create brilliant furniture that looks hand painted, but we’ll know it’s really been stenciled. Shhhh…we’ll keep your secret!

So let’s take a look at those stencils!


Linda stencil

Named after Miss Mustard Seed’s mother-in-law, this stencil reminds us of pine cones, or bundles of lavender. It would look cool on the front of a dresser, or going up the doors of a hutch. Or stencil on a canvas table runner to add a pop of color to your table top. This stencil is 15.50″ long making it perfect for all sorts of spaces.


Kimbrough stencil

The Kimbrough stencil is a cool, linear stencil that is named after Miss Mustard Seed’s mom. It would look awesome around the border of a table or desk, or as a painted runner going down a long table top. Like the Linda stencil, it is 15.50″ long.


Elizabeth stencil

Named after Miss Mustard Seed’s niece, this stencil is a whimsical, swirly design. It is 10.01″ long and would look great on drawer fronts or a stenciled table runner. This is the hand painted pattern you see on the Mustard Seed Yellow and Typewriter dressers at the beginning of this post.


What do you think of these new stencil designs? We can’t wait to start using them on all sorts of furniture! These stencils, and so many more, are available in our online store. Check them out!

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