No VOC stripper - a great but slightly messy way to get rid of layers of paint

Yes, you read that right. Of course, I am talking about furniture here.

Three years ago I found a lovely french table. It is square, solid wood and beautiful. It was painted with latex when I saw it, and I really wanted to show off our Efex embellishments.

We had a competition to pick the color for the table, and the winner was Annie Sloan Chalk Paint in Florence. And that table is the cover of our Efex brochures.

The existing finish was far too chunky for the style of the table, and the Efex was lost in the chunk. Humm… not great for the lady who makes the Efex. Hence, I have always wanted to redo this table.

Given the snow storms, I decided that this week was the week. Humm…. timing is everything.

I started with my go-to sander a Festool. Usually does the job in a jiffy. Not this time. While sanding several layers were uncovered: the two finishes we had done, the first latex, another finish underneath and tons of shellac.

It was off to Lowes for Citri stip and scrapers. Tools that have not been in my toolkit for years. Not my gig at all.

Many years ago I stripped with old fashion ugly high VOC strippers and a heat gun the trim in all 12 rooms of my Victorian house. I gave myself lead poisoning in the process. Never again. OK, so first moral of this story never say never.

Citri strip is a no VOC stripper and it’s an excellent product by the way, but a sizeable messy job. Very messy

So far this table has a lovely oak top, beautiful burled wood sides and maybe oak legs. But it’s not done yet.

The plan for this table may be changing before my very eyes as I strip.

xoxo Lydia

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