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Antiques add warmth and style

I love painted furniture, but I also love antiques. Whether it’s a treasured heirloom, or the item you couldn’t pass up at an auction, antiques can be the focal point of any room.

Old wood has a special warm patina from years of exposure to air and sunlight. This can also include well built items made from old wood. Our dining room table in Maine is a picnic table made from antique wood.  The recycling can often give you the look without the price tag.

When I’m shopping for Maine Country Home I try, not always successfully, to strike a balance between antiques and bargain finds that I can repaint and repurpose.  Recently we’ve found several great pieces that I wouldn’t dream of painting. An 18th century blanket chest with original paint, a fabulous desk, and a wonderful mechanics tools box.


Antiques often remind us of our youth and the special memories of family and friends at special occasions such as Thanksgiving and Christmas.

You can add a great deal of style, and warmth to a room with antiques.  Fortunately, for the budget savvy, “less is best”. One or two pieces are much more effective than multiple items filling up the space.

Mix It Up

In my grandmother’s day, the entire room was full of antiques, mostly heavy boring mahogany. The French love to bring outdoor furniture inside, so don’t be afraid to mix iron side tables with antiques. Of course, painted treasures can go side by side with antiques.

Don’t Delay

One mistake we have all made, is not buying something you absolutely love. Buy what you love, then find the perfect space for it.  My husband and I found a great desk at an auction recently. To0 big for our current home, so I put it in our entry. Sitting at the auction he excitedly said “it’s EXACTLY like the one my father had when I was a kid.” How could anyone say no to that? Besides it turned out to be bargain!

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