Our New Mantel - The Clipper Ship Young America - Maine Country Home

One of the many projects we have been working on is my husband’s new passion for building half models. This started when I mentioned that I wanted a very large half model to use as the mantel piece in the new house.

Stands to reason that before he built the main event, he would have to practice. And he has been busy busy busy. Of course they have been some bumps along the way. One model he made the bow even fell off and had to be repaired.

That technique did not look great for my mantel idea, what if it fell off when I put a wine glass on it!

Model Boats at Maine Country Home

Then there is what model to build. We have our boat, Waianiwa, and we also have all of our past boats. His and hers.

SY Waianiwa

Of course this leads to which one to build first, his or hers. He was doing all the work so he started with his, a 30 square meter that he owned a few decades ago, and then a 30 square meter he wants to own (hopefully after the house is done)

30 Square Meter

The lack of wall space was another issue, after all we are living in our guest house!

Finally there was a decision. For two decades I worked with the America’s Cup syndicate Young America, and in the end we decided a mantel had to be big and regal. In a nod to history – the clipper ship era – and my past we decided on the Clipper Ship Young America.

Clipper Ship Young America

She is finally finished and hanging way up high in the guest house, hence the funny picture, waiting for her new home next door. Now we just need to build the fireplace to hang her over!

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