Annie Sloan Chalk Paint Play Date

I have a very good friend, Hazel. We’ve been friends for such a long time, over ten years, and whenever we spend any amount of time together we always have a ball.

Paint with Chalk Paint

Hazel just got back from an exciting trip to Peru, so it was high time that we got together for some shenanigans! Now Hazel’s never used Chalk Paint®, or Efex™ Furniture Appliqués, so her world was about to be rocked!

small table before paint

Lydia and I picked this stand up at an estate sale, and I had been racking my brains on what I was going to do with it. I just happened to be sitting in the store staring at the piece when my good friend called asking what I was up to. I said I was having a paint day, and would she like to join me? 20 minutes later she was aproned with a brush in her hand.

We threw a lot of ideas back and forth, and I realized that it really does help to have a pair of fresh eyes when it comes to this business of painting. So often we can get jaded towards certain colors, or stop taking risks. Having someone who is unbiased and creative can really open up whole new avenues. There are quite a few color combos I wrote down and will break out later in the season…stay tuned for that!

The only parameters I gave Hazel in picking colors and appliqués was that it needed to look “fall-y”. We’re heading quickly into the Autumn season, so I needed it to fit in with the other colors we have picked out. After much deliberation it was decided…

We started with applying the Efex™ Furniture Appliqués. Hazel picked out some cute, dainty, feminine designs. Which is really funny because “feminine” is not the first word you would use to describe either one of us.

Flexible furniture appliques easy to use furniture appliques

These appliqués are amazing, they’re made of latex so they’re flexible and easily trimmed with scissors. They stick on just about any surface with contact cement, we used DAP brand.

Furniture appliques Applying Efex furniture appliqué

So easy, but they really turn a blah piece into something special.

Now the fun part, adding color!

Painting furniture

Action shot!

Coco Chalk Paint

The first two coats of Coco Chalk Paint® really made this stand look like carved stone. A really cool look, but not what we were going for.

Next step, tedious hand painted details!

Arles Chalk Paint

Coco and Arles Chalk Paint coco and arles chalk paint

We wanted the appliqués to stand out so we painted them in Arles. This color looks amazing with Coco, it really pops. I’m not usually patient enough to sit and do any sort of hand painting, but I found myself enjoying it. I got into a sort of zen-like zone, nice and peaceful.

Finally, almost done with the transformation…more hand painting!

custom mixing Chalk Paint

We custom mixed Scandinavian Pink, Primer Red, and Pearl Plaster from Artisan Enhancements. This combo made a sweet, flirty, deep pink. Not my usual cup of tea, but we were taking risks here!

Here is the final product, all waxed and ready for display:

Coco Chalk Paint

Coco Chalk Paint

Arles Chalk Paint

I knew I wanted to pair it with this chair I had been working on, and I think the two go nicely together. I love the layering and the dimension of the table. It could go nicely with a living room setting, but still stand out.

It was fun to work with a friend on this project, it made me step out of my comfort zone and try new and interesting colors and styles. So the moral of this story? It’s more fun to paint with a friend!

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