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Anticipation is running high waiting for the paint to arrive. We have opened the reuse and repaint space, decorated it with new signs and elegant examples of Chalk Paint®, and now we are updating our pages on our web site.

The samples are a little different. I decided that if Miss Mustard Seed could do colored chair legs which I just love, I could do something clever. So I though hmmm, let’s cut out little lighthouses from our logo and paint them in all the colors. Yep, all 30 colors. By now you should be saying “what were you thinking?”

LIghthouse painted with Chalk Paint

The answer is I wasn’t. Painting thirty oak lighthouse is not a small, quick project. But when they are all done they will look cute.

As a break from that project, I have added a Chalk Paint color chart to the website for you to look at.

I am off now to continue painting my lighthouses, but as a thought maybe they should have been windmills!

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