paris grey desk - art by John MacGowan - Maine Country Home

We have recently come across quite a few pieces of depression mahogany furniture. It is all very sturdy and well made, just not very old. Several of these pieces are being painted in versions of Paris Grey and Old White for our spring collection. This one has Louis Blue and Old White mixed as the inside of the slant top.

Paris Grey Text

However, when I set up this desk for the photo shoot I wanted some different art. I chose a picture that is very dear to me. One that has a story of its own.

This picture, painted by my friend Newport artist John MacGowan, is from a trip we all took to the south. South, you say conjures up images of sun and beaches. In our case not so much sun! Several years ago, I thought it would be good to go sail off the end of the earth to see the penguins and sea lions.51 south by johnny mcgowan

This trip, which Mr. Maine Country Home agreed to, took us and four of our closest friends to the Auckland Island, 51 degrees south of New Zealand. The next stop south from here is the Antarctic. We braved gales to get there, and took some of the best hikes anyone will every take. The sea lions are inland so you have to make certain you don’t step on them while hiking.

But, I must admit that when we finally go back to civilization, Bluff, New Zealand, Mr.MCH was heard to mutter, “next time you want to see a penguin, lets go to the zoo!”

My favorite artist friend John, one of the six on the trip, painted this for us to commemorate our trip, and it just perfectly captured the scenes of this rugged beautiful place. You can see his work in Newport, Rhode Island at his studio at 221  Spring Street or visit his website, he has a lot of great paintings. You’ll see more of them in future posts.

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