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Some colors go better with certain styles. As a history buff I love federal and primitive style furniture. Since Primer Red Chalk Paint® is my fall go to color. It’s a good thing it is a color that looks great on my style of furniture.

 It is a muted and aged red that fits beautifully into a farmhouse inspired house like mine. I just love it. The details are just wonderful.


 Today we are showcasing two pieces of furniture, one federal and one primitive. Primer Red is a warm and powerful color and is about as federal as you can get. When you start a piece of furniture you need to ask, “What were the colors of the time?” In this case 1780-1830ish. This style would have been right at home with Thomas Jefferson or George Washington.


This dresser was a federal style 1940‘s reproduction that started with a glossy slick surface. Remember, Chalk Paint® can go over any surface without the prep. Honest, no kidding.

primer red bench

The second piece is more primitive a deacon’s bench which is being used on the front porch.

 What’s next? Well there are two more highboys, one will be Primer Red, the other a federal style blue. The guest room will just sing when these are done.

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