Product of the Month Annie Sloan Mix Mat - Reusable and eco friendly

Product of the Month – Annie Sloan Mix Mat

Our December Product of the Month is Annie Sloans Mix Mat

Product of the Month

Have you seen this ingenious product from Annie Sloan? Maybe you have seen it on our Instagram account because we use it all the time. It’s called a Mix Mat, and it is a product that can become your best friend. Especially if you’re a painter!

Specially designed to use as a mixing platform or a roller tray. The mat is silicon, so the paint does not stick to it. Honest.

But why would I need one Lydia?


Well first, it is filled with all sorts of tips on color and mixing it’s a painting tool and a mini tutorial all in one.

Second, it saves paint. For a small project or stenciling, you can pour a little paint on the mat either a single color or mixed and paint your project. If you have leftover paint, pour it back into the can.

It’s easy to clean, so you reuse it often. Depending on colors and how much paint I even sometimes just wipe it off with a rag.

If you let it dry the paint just flakes off and you miss messing up your drain with clogged paint. Now, that’s a plus right there.

And finally, it can be used as a roller tray. Much easier to clean and reusable, so we’re saving the planet from extra wanted plastic. That may be the best benefit I can think of. It’s environmental friendly

For the rest of December get 10% off on all purchases of a mix mat…. In store only.

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