Pure White vs. Arles & Paris Grey vs. Old Violet

The end is coming up fast now! After today’s vote there’s just one more on Tuesday, and then on Thursday it’s time to vote on who will be the winner! Be sure to check out Facebook for last Friday’s winners between Aubusson Blue vs Provence, and Duck Egg vs. Graphite.

Up today, first we have Pure White vs. Arles. These colors look beautiful, cozy, and homey together. They epitomize the feeling of spring and summer time. They work well in just about every style, but especially cottage, modern, and country styles.

Let’s take a look at Pure White, bold but soft. It can be the over-arching color theme, or be used to break up bolder, statement colors.

pure white living room pure white accents pure white kitchen

Pure White is battling it out today against Arles. Warm, inviting, cozy…Arles is the country and cottage color. But it also brings warmth and light to more modern interiors. It makes an excellent accent color, but is subdued enough to use throughout a room.

yellow kitchen arles pillows arles living room

So which strikes your fancy? Warm Arles or bright Pure White? Vote for your favorite in the comments and on Facebook!

Next we have an interesting combo, Paris Grey vs. Old Violet. Both are beautiful, subtle colors, but only can move on to the next round! It’s going to be a tough one!

First up let’s look at Paris Grey. Cool, calm, with just a hint of blue, the perfect foggy day grey. It can be easily used as the central room color, as an accent, or to break up other bright, bold colors.

paris grey dining room paris grey hutch paris grey kitchen

We could stay in that kitchen all day long! We’re just suckers for butcher block counter tops.

Old Violet has a lot going for it as well. It’s a gorgeous slate blue with just a tiny hint of violet. It can often be a chameleon color, turning more blue or purple depending on what other colors are near it. It can be federal or colonial, modern or coastal, cottage or traditional. Often overlooked, but always appreciated when given the chance to shine.

old violet kitchen old violet shelf old violet door

(Can you use Chalk Paint outdoors? YES! And no topcoat necessary! Contact us for more details)

Which color steals your heart? Paris Grey or Old Violet? Vote now in the comments and on Facebook to send your favorite on to the next round!

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