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Spring cleaning is a major! It helps when you have the right tools. in our case vacuums. Over the years I have tried every brand available, except Oreck. One year, my husband bought me a shop vac as a Valentine gift. (This year he bought me a stump grinder, go figure)

One of the best vacuums we own is a heavy duty rug cleaner. They are all wet vacs in disguise, but when you have children and pets (five labradors in our case) they make cleaning a whole lot easier.

However, rug cleaning means moving the furniture off the rug, and there we get to the heart of this post. Every time the rug cleaning vacuum comes out, I inevitably end up rearranging the furniture.

This is the easiest way I know to fluff up a room since even the most simple change can make a room feel different. It almost always coincides with a seasonal change.

Our house has an open plan living and dining area. The living room end has a fireplace flanked by large book shelves. In the winter the fireplace is the focus, but in spring and summer our attention and lifestyle turns to the outdoors.

For this project I just changed the focus of the room. First I centered the rug lengthwise and then moved the sofa and chairs off the rug to open up the space. Everything moved back away from the fireplace just a little so you look outside to the deck. Next, the largish antique side table was moved away from the wall, repositioning it as a sofa table. The final touch was to add the vintners table from the bedroom.
Green Ceramic Bowl
To complete the look we hung the summer curtains and changed out the accessories. As I was flitting around my cleaning project my neighbor brought me two lovely gifts. She is a world class artistic potter and she gave me two lovely ceramic bowls. There colors are perfect. The green blends in with the antique charts on the walls, and the beige one has this lovely shape. It will also be perfect with a fresh salad of mixed greens. Yum!

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