Restoration Hardware Style Table the quickest make over ever

The Quickest

Restoration Hardware Style Table Ever!

I’m going to come right out and say it. I’m a sucker for Restoration Hardware.

But the price tag usually leaves me gasping for air.

Nowadays they have RH modern, which is lovely but not my style. When you look at the catalog, you still have some beautiful examples of French and Industrial Style that has made RH famous.

I totally adore that lovely mix of iron and wood. With a slightly moody finish.

So in comes the little table base…. Glass top long broken and gone.
The addition of a simple pine table top from Lowes and some paint was all it took to go from sad to fab. This paint job may have been one of the quickest projects ever.

The Quickest

We did a wash of French Linen on the top, just enough to give it a little darker color.

The finish with black wax and a few touches of white wax.

I told you it was easy. Time to finish? 20 minutes including watching the paint dry.

The possibilities are endless here, and as it turns out, I have an old sewing machine base waiting for its next life. I bet you know what the top will look like tomorrow. Or when I get around to finishing it!

For now xoxox Lydia

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