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What To Do With Boat Oars

There are plenty of boat oars for sale at flea markets and auctions. In fact, hunting around The Maine Country Barn last week I found a couple we already owned. For me the next step is usually to answer my husband’s favorite question, “What are you ever going to do with that?”

The web is a beautiful thing, just do a Google image search and let your imagination run wild.

Today, my Google quest was painted oars. Below are some of the ideas I found. I never copy ideas exactly rather I use the image search to push my imagination in new directions.

First, there was this great towel rack. Found on a delightful blog Cafe Chatelaine, writing about the Hidden Pond Cottages right here in Maine.

Oar Towel Racks

Then this set of painted oars from Completely Coastal.

Completely coastal oars

Or this great hand painted lighthouse from Hales Hand Mades.

Lighthouse painted oar

But the one that really caught my eye, was the day bed from Seabrook Classics. While this day bed is new furniture, I could not help but think that old oars painted with a design would make a great DIY headboard.  It would certainly fit in a country home or cottage.

Boat Oar Day Bed

You can bet that I will be bidding and bargaining on the next few sets of oars I find!

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