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Meet Leaf

We are a family that builds and restores everything! Old Houses, old furniture…so old boats fit right into to our sailing heritage. It’s no surprise that when Christmas came early to our house it was in the form of a sailboat. Meet our new restoration, Leaf.


We started the day with a clean and almost empty barn.


Santa’s sleigh was a skinny boat trailer that held a Luders 24 built 1946. And rather than coming down the chimney, he slid the new classic right into the barn for a winter restoration.


Leaf is a 38 feet long overall and 6 feet wide day sailer. No sleepovers on anything that skinny.


We designed the barn hoping to have a classic to restore so Leaf fits just perfectly. She needs a little cosmetic work, especially varnishing. How a house and barn with five dogs worth of hair flying around can varnish correctly is beyond me. I am certain it will lead to a lot of grousing around when the fur gets in the varnish.

I sure am glad Chris AKA Mr. Maine Country Home has a project for the winter 🙂 But did anyone notice how little space I have left for furniture?

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