Say hello to Ombre | Maine Country Home

Meet our new hombre, the low ombre dresser.

Paris Grey Ombre

We used Paris Grey Chalk Paint® for the body, and gradually darkened it with Graphite Chalk Paint® for the drawers. He came out funky, and a little industrial.

Paris Grey Chalk Paint Dresser

Don’t ask the ratios, I’m an eyeball girl. I tend to guesstimate, which I know is not very helpful to those who would like to replicate this look. I can say that the first two tones were 2 Tbsp. Paris Grey to 1/4 tsp. Graphite, and then I remeasured for the second drawer; 2 Tbsp. Paris Grey to 2 tsp. Graphite. For the last drawer, anything goes. I kept testing until I got the color I was looking for. I’ll try to be more specific with my measurements from now on!

For an added surprise…

Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint inside a drawer

The inside of the drawers are painted in Napoleonic Blue Chalk Paint®! They were a terrible press board, and were screaming to be painted.

For the last little touch…

Pearl Plaster on a drawer knob

Artisan Enhancements Pearl Plaster for the knobs! I love the little industrial kick this gave the piece. Pearl Plaster gives a nice pearlescent sheen to whatever you paint it over. These knobs were painted Old Violet first, and the combo made them a really nice silver color.

So say “Hello!” to ombre, he’s living behind the counter now as our extra storage.Chalk Painted Dresser

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