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We have some wonderful clients, Jay and Chris. They showed me this little pillow all full of wonderful striped colors. My mission, if I chose to accept it, was to play with four prayer benches, and use the pillow for inspiration. I love jobs like this!


Having just come back from New Orleans with Annie Sloan and all my fellow stockists I was bursting with inspiration and ideas. Originally I was going to do a water color theme, but then I started to imagine.

Right off the bat these Chalk Paint colors jumped out – Emperor’s Silk, Arles, Antibes Green, Barcelona Orange, and Napoleonic Blue. A modern boho color palette if I ever saw one!

The end result is a set of four benches that have some affinity for the pillow they were inspired by. Whether it was the color palette, design, or both!


At a time when color reigns supreme, I think these little boho chic benches turned out to be a great accent pieces.


Whether on display, or in the garden, or on a table. They are just divine.


Did I mention I LOVE my job!


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