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Now that you’ve been introduced to our Linari line of home fragrance; fabric sprays, candles, and diffusers; I bet your wondering how to best utilize these in your own home. Well don’t worry, answers are on their way! First, I’ll start with a quick description of each product:

Linari Room Sprays

linari room spray

These bottles release a very fine mist to be sprayed directly into the air, or for a longer lasting bonus, spray directly on fabrics (couch cushions, curtains and drapes, pillows, upholstered headboards, etc). Spray onto fabrics once, and then one week last refresh with a few more sprays. After that first week refresh as needed, or when you start to notice the scent diminishing.

Linari Fragrance Candles

linari candle oceano

These beautifully crafted candles are made with a natural wax blend that holds and releases scent better than paraffin. Amazingly, these candles have a “cold fragrance throw” as well as a “hot fragrance throw”. What this means is that it will release fragrance even when not lit! Once you open your candle place the wooden top under the candle to prevent burning the surface, trim the wick to 1/5″ and light. Use the wooden top as your snuffer too, because there’s nothing worse than covering up all that beautiful fragrance with the smell of smoke! These candles will burn for approximately 45-50 hours.

Linari Diffusers

linari diffusers

These will perhaps be your best friend when it comes to scenting your home. Diffusers are nice and easy, just uncork, toss the evaporating sticks in, and forget about it! If you’re leaving for vacation, the sticks can always be removed and the stopper put back in, that way you’re not scenting your home while you’re not there! These diffusers are clocked as lasting for approximately 5 months, which is amazing! Thats’ almost half the year that you don’t have to worry about your home smelling pleasant. The sticks actually fill the hole completely, leaving no room for the liquid to evaporate, except for off of the sticks. So place all of them in the diffuser! And don’t worry about constantly flipping the sticks every week, the liquid will continue to be absorbed up the sticks, filling your home with fragrance.

Now that you know a little more about the products, how are they best utilized? The answer is, there’s a few different answers, but they’re easy!

1. These products can be used individually

-You can light the fragrance candle when you want fragrance and ambiance

-You can uncork the diffuser and use the evaporating sticks for a light, all-the-time fragrance

-The fabric sprays can be lightly misted over the areas you’d like fragrance

2. You can layer the scents to create a more powerful, longer lasting home fragrance profile. By layering the fabric sprays, diffusers, and candles, your home is guaranteed to smell amazing all the time, with little work on your part! Pick an area and follow these steps:

-Uncork your diffuser and place in a non-drafty area, this will help it from evaporating too fast. Only turn the sticks when you’d like to boost the fragrance (when having company over, to replace other strong smells, etc.)

-Spray the fabric spray on any soft areas, repeat after one week, and then when you notice the fragrance starting to diminish

linari room spray

-Light the fragrance candle when you’d like a boost of fragrance

There you have it! You can easily have your home smelling fresh with little effort on your part, Linari is here to help! Come into the store to sample these fragrances, or find the scent profiles on our online store. And let us know if you have any questions, we’re always happy to answer any that you may have!

linari oceano

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