Shades of Dark Grey - there are many more than 50 shades.

Shades of Dark Grey

MIxing colors is an art, not a science.

As makers and painters we love to mix colors, but like every artist, one needs to check the palette and use the right tone for the scene you are trying to create.

In this case, the scene called for a warm, moody black or dark grey. Yes, there are many shades of grey. In fact far more than 50.

The final color hits the perfect note in the setting it was intended for in fact I think it is exceptional.

Looking on the web revealed several examples, but I wasn’t satisfied with any of them. They were all very stark. Well very black.

We usually don’t like mixing Graphite to darken a color. As it turns out, in this case, we are, in fact, using the neutral and warmer French Linen to lighten the colder graphite. A subtle but important distinction.

It took four tests to get this mix just right. The first version was one part French Linen and three parts Graphite. Far to muddy

The next try was a 50/50 mix of Graphite and French Linen.

Finally a batch of mostly French Linen with a touch of Graphite.

The images below are three paint sticks from testing different mixes.



The middle and the bottom colors just look like funny Graphite to me, and the top stick is slightly muddy French Linen. Yuck.

But, the last version was the one I liked the best. Meet our lovely shade of dark grey on this weeks Monday Mix Video.


Mix 3 parts French Linen with 1 part Graphite

Once the color was mixed a few sample boards to test how they would work in the space, they were intended to be used in. Each board is finished with clear wax, dark wax and black wax.


Shades of Grey



After the samples were finished I used it as a special color for a special sideboard. But…. the rest of the details we have to wait for later in the week.


xoxo Lydia

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